15 Best Ideas to Create a Cute Vsco Room

15 best ideas to create a cute vsco room 5

When it comes to this freebie I will recommend creating a cute Vsco room. I actually created this room for my son who was at his preschool and one day my husband suggested that we install a room like this in the corner of the preschool for his son. It just so happened that we had an office upstairs and my husband took me to lunch and during the talk I just told him what I was going to do and he loved it so much that he was totally open minded.

His creative talent is one of the most underrated things in this world. He actually was able to design the whole room myself. So as a mother I had no idea how he could do this. The next thing that came to my mind is to give him a video camera so that he could record the whole process and share the video with me.

After some hard work and a lot of help from my husband, I finally was able to get him to buy a tape recorder and we were able to record the entire installation. I will tell you that the experience was so much fun because I know that my son is one of the smartest kids that you will ever meet. You can imagine that I became a real boss and told him what to do.

When we were first talking about this tape recorder I told him that I would have him buy a playstation3 if he would be able to play it. I know that this probably made him really happy but at the time I thought it was just a joke. Well, I guess not, now that I have a video recording of the whole installation I think I will tell you the whole story.

Just a funny experience was when we arrived at the school and had to take our kids to their classrooms. It was a whole different experience and I knew it was going to be great. At first I just wanted to look around the area and see what was new and old and we should have bought something that would have made the place more attractive.

Try to imagine if you have never been to a school before and you are walking up the staircases to your classroom and they are all wooden and nothing could look nicer. So now that you have this in mind, this is exactly how I felt when we arrived in front of the school.

The entire floor was just painted black and the walls were white, the wood was stained to make it look nice, I guess that was not enough because we also wanted to use curtains on the windows. How did I know that this is the right place to use curtains? We decided to use the curtains to hide the telephone wires and other wires that were there. I was excited about this because I am also a real Boss.